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New ideas Home Furnishing: soft mounted to open new areas of Home Furnishing trend

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IKEA, B&Q to lift the Jiezhuang "soft" trend in Home Furnishing decoration design ranks, "light decoration, the decoration," this concept has been popular for quite a long time. But soft outfit industry has been in the market an auxiliary position, either residents or industry, focus more on the hard decoration. However, since the end of 2005, with the IKEA, B&Q can affect the trend of the market speculators have invested heavily in soft clothing market, industry professionals prediction, in 2006, soft outfit will inevitably become Jiezhuang tide year, soft outfit market share also may appear larger. Soft loading has been preheated carefully look at the signs installed software market in Guangzhou in 2005, has preheating signs, only in the market reaction is not so obvious. Last October, IKEA official stationed in Guangzhou. The opening in Guangzhou IKEA, many furniture manufacturers will IKEA as great scourges, as "the wolf" to the Yangcheng snatch. When IKEA really opened after a period of time, we all feel, seems to effect is not so obvious. In this regard, someone pointed out, IKEA in Guangzhou is more to make up for a gap in the market -- soft decoration market. In this area, Guangzhou has no true professional market, mass market or in Tak Road, the traditional market, only a small part of the supermarket building materials and furniture store to run, and compared to the traditional furniture building materials market, only a small share of the market. Then at the end of 2005, is located in the Pearl River Metro Home Furnishing business district core area, covers an area of 30000 square meters of the imperial Street International Home Furnishing Jewelry City, announced the launch of China merchants. And then, B&Q (Chinese District) President Wei Zhe repeatedly announced a high profile in the public, B&Q will expand the installed software business, a live at the IKEA posture. To carve up the world ocean sells soft outfit have according to the insiders, B&Q also once installed in soft power, the Guangzhou decoration market may appear on B&Q and IKEA two ocean brand to compete directly. And by these two ocean sells an appeal in Guangzhou market power, should put the concept of "heavy soft outfit" win support among the people. Not long ago, B&Q (China District) CEO Wei Zhe said, IKEA in design ability is relatively strong, but B&Q will seek a breakthrough in color, and B&Q in the China dot laying more than IKEA. In recent days, general manager of B&Q Southern China District AI filial piety also revealed several store in 2006, B&Q Guangzhou will adjust, increase the proportion of soft loading operation. For B&Q to expand soft outfit, with the intention of IKEA "intended" approach, reporters call the Shanghai IKEA China PR Manager Xu Lide. Xu Lide said, IKEA in product color already has many series, and now in Guangzhou, operating varieties are just another part of IKEA products. Xu Lide also pointed out, IKEA business model is the standardization management of global integration, will not intervene in the market of other enterprises and make any changes. The local market wait-and-see attitude while foreign giants continue to increase the soft outfit market inputs, but the Guangzhou local Home Furnishing building materials vendors are still in wait-and-see period, a "seized with" idea. The personage inside course of study points out, tile, wood flooring, bathroom facilities and other major hard Home Furnishing decoration materials still consumers Home Furnishing renovation of the main, thus, in a fairly long period of time, the hard decoration as Guangzhou building materials store dominant position will not change. Recently, the reporter visited the beautiful Home Furnishing, 100 dwellings of Guangzhou building materials supermarket. The store is responsible for per capita invariably said, because of the difference of regional consumption habits and marketing strategy and so on, the next few years, the local building materials stores will still adhere to the hard decoration as the main, to meet consumer demand for the main building materials products. Beautiful Home Furnishing general manager Ceng Yuzhou think, Guangzhou local building materials stores are fundamental to the hard outfit, in store rarely with soft packed products, in spite of the macro adjustment influence, hard decoration by the relatively large impact, but Guangzhou hard outfit market share is still very great, especially in the traditional market is a great market share, whether to carry out soft outfit service, beautiful Home Furnishing temporarily took a wait-and-see attitude.

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